Bible from 30,000 Feet

Frequent Flyer Rewards Program

Go to church.

Take the quiz.

Get rewards

(in heaven and on earth).

Our Frequent Flyer Rewards Program is designed to help you engage with our midweek teaching series The Bible from 30,000 Feet.


Get the App

Download The Bible from 30,000 Feet app onto your mobile device, and tap register to create your profile. Don’t have a smart phone? Join in online at


Go to Church

You’ll get an email Tuesday evening prompting you to check in. Tap Check In to get your boarding pass. Scan your boarding pass when you enter the sanctuary Wednesday night and earn 1,000 miles. Don’t have a mobile device? Just visit Ticketing in the east foyer. Sorry, you do not earn miles for watching the service online.


Take the Quiz

Every Thursday, open the app and take the ten-question multiple-choice quiz based on the teaching. Earn 1,000 miles when you score 70 percent or better. You have until the following Wednesday to take the quiz, but you can only take it one time.


Get Rewards

Your knowledge of the full scope of Scripture will reach soaring new heights with The Bible From 30,000 Feet as Pastor Skip pilots us through all sixty-six books of the Bible, revealing major themes, principles, people, and events. Plus, the person with the most miles at the end of the series wins roundtrip airfare for two and a two-night stay in Washington, D.C. to visit the Museum of the Bible with Pastor Skip.

Win a Trip for Two

to Washington, D.C.

Join our Frequent Flyer Rewards Program and you could win a trip for two to Washington, D.C., including:

Roundtrip airfare for two

Two-night hotel stay

A tour of the Museum of the Bible accompanied by Pastor Skip

In-service giveaways take place throughout the series. You could win t-shirts, cups, notebooks, and more.